‘Wow! I look hot!’

Planning your own boudoir photo shoot? Follow these tips to prepare yourself for the spotlight

'Wow! I look hot!'

Source: Web exclusive, April 2012

Photo shoots aren’t just for professional models anymore. Many of life’s milestones ‘ a special birthday, new baby or shedding those last few pounds ‘ are worth celebrating. Here are six tips to help you get camera-confident before your own boudoir shoot.

1. Get lots of rest the night before. Relax. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure to make those fingers and toes look lovely.

2. Wear loose clothing that day to prevent any marks showing on your skin.

3. Choose your favourite lingerie or piece of clothing, or buy something new and sassy. Katie Refling says her clients often bring objects, clothing or jewellery that hold special meaning to them.

4. Have your hair and make-up styled to reflect whatever image you want to portray ‘ down-to-earth you or dashing diva. Some studios have stylists that will do it for you.

5. Chat with your photographer beforehand so he or she knows what images you want, or have them make some suggestions if you’re not sure. Browse magazines or books to come up with some ideas.

6.Book a time when you’re not going to be in a hurry. Make it your day.


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