‘I Opened my Own Cafe in my 50s’

It's never too late to pursue your passion. Just ask Elizabeth Aikenhead, who was in her 50s when she decided she needed a change

'I Opened my Own Cafe in my 50s'Photo by Shutterstock.com

Source: Best Health magazine, January/February 2016

For Elizabeth Aikenhead, proprietor of Our Lucky Stars Café, self-employment comes with a three-acre property and an in-ground pool in Warkworth, ON. ‘I sold my house in Toronto and was able to buy this large farmhouse and a café in town,’ says the former TV producer. ‘I always toyed with the idea of opening a food shop because I love cooking and entertaining, but I never imagined I’d run a restaurant.’

Like the owners of Hopson Grace (read their inspiring story here), Aikenhead was in her 50s and at a point in her career where she wanted a change. ‘I was starting to feel the stress of the job and knew I needed to do something sooner rather than later,’ she says, noting that the 14-hour days were taking their toll. ‘Now, I wake up with the birds and have a walk around the garden and a quick swim before I go to work, which only takes a minute to drive to.’

Aikenhead says the café and her new lifestyle have enabled her to meet some fascinating people and enroll in classes she’d been putting off for years. ‘I came to a small town and my world expanded,’ she says.

Having almost suffered a heart attack just before moving to Warkworth, Aikenhead named her café Our Lucky Stars because she feels incredibly lucky. ‘I thank my lucky stars every day that I’m here,’ she says.

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