Best Health: What we’ve learned in 5 years (1/21)

For the rest of 2013, our 5th Anniversary year, we'll take a look back at how things have changed since Best Health was created


Best Health magazine’s 5th anniversary

This year (2013) marks the 5th anniversary of Best Health, and a lot has changed. Here are some of our favourites and some of the most important changes that have occured in the world of beauty, fitness, health, food and more.

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Sixty-two years after the first reference of the G-spot in medical literature, a Florida doctor thinks he’s found it.According to CBC, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski described the spot as a sac structure with ‘bluish grapeline compositions’ located on the back of the perineal membrane above the upper part of the urethra. Upon removal, the G-spot stretched […]

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As the weather gets colder, I find myself drifting more and more often into coffee shops to warm up with a latte. But that habit doesn’t come cheap—one every workday works out to at least $80 a month. To save cash, you can try making coffee at home—although if you’re like me, your skill as […]


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Few things in life are more frightening than a cancer diagnosis. Now imagine being fired from your job after revealing your diagnosis to your employer. That’s what happened to Toronto resident Elsa Torrejon when she requested a leave of absence because of her illness, reports the CBC.According to the report, Torrejon’s employer, Weston Property Management, […]


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Through years of teaching fitness, many students have become friends. One thing that they like about me is I’m a ‘real person’ ‘ we go for lattes after class, and often have each other over for dinner parties. Before I had kids I taught a Saturday 10 a.m. spin class in downtown Toronto, and at […]