5 tips for starting a new healthy life (1/6)

Beginning ' and sticking to ' a new fitness plan can be challenging in the first few weeks. Here are some expert tips for getting started and following through on your goals

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It’s a lifestyle change

You’ve probably heard it before, but committing to a get-healthy fitness and eating plan really is a lifestyle adjustment. It’s important to make sure both your mind and body are on the same track. For inspiration and a little extra motivation, here’s what some of the experts recommend.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy

Weight-loss transformation: Woman goes to the gym for 100 days

Need some inspiration to change your life (or hit the gym)? This online video diary will give you the motivation you need. San Francisco native LaKeisha Shurn weighed over 300 pounds – and decided to make a change. She committed to going to gym every day for 100 days – and has inspired us all […]


Stay cool: How heat affects your health

Hot enough for ya? Ha. Ha. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but most of the country is dealing with a heat wave. While Oscar Wilde said that talking about the weather is the “last refuge of the unimaginative, we really should discuss how extreme heat can seriously affect your health.According to Health Canada, high […]


5 reasons to eat more antioxidants

Antioxidants, found in fruits, vegetables and tea, help your body fight free radicals and can protect you from a number of diseases, Here’s what a diet rich in antioxidants can do for you


5 ways to reduce debt stress

Worrying about money puts a strain on your mental and physical health. There are ways to get that stress under control


Meatless Monday: Red Lentil Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Last week, I went to the Green Living Show in Toronto – a veritable shopping mall of everything eco-friendly.Since I’m a hippie at heart, it was definitely the best day of my work week. Not only did I test drive the new Ford Electric (it was an incredibly quiet and smooth ride) I also browsed […]