4 Wellness Vacations for Total-Body Bliss (1/4)

Wellness vacations are a great way to nurture your body and soul. Check out these 4 retreats (3 of which are in Canada!) for total-body bliss

Thirteen Moons WellnessPhoto by Thirteen Moons Wellness Facebook Page

Thirteen Moons Wellness, Peterborough, ON

Formerly a federal government employer, Louise Racine reinvented her life, became a certified nutritional practitioner and founded Thirteen Moons Wellness. The retreat, located in the bucolic countryside near Peterborough, ON – about two hours from Toronto – is focused on empowering women through food. Her programs are a mixed bag, from Healing in Nature (with meditation and energy healing) to Consciously Creating a Healthier You in 2016. The common thread is food – organic, healthy and delicious. 

She also offers classes in holistic nutrition that explore the intrinsic relationship between food and wellness and let participants get involved in preparing meals that tap into the healing properties of good ingredients. Bed down overnight with a pack of gal pals and get on the right track to renewal. Plus, enjoy the perks that come along with it, like a complimentary facial treatment and foot spa.

If you’re short on time, sign up for a customized cooking workshop. Racine is also a talented chef and imparts her knowledge of deliciousness to those looking to up the nutritional quotient of their eating regimens without sacrificing good taste. Think pumpkin ginger muffins and stuffed acorn squash. She also looks at the effects of organic foods on your immune system and metabolism. For dates, see thirteenmoons.ca.

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