Weight-loss secrets from a $4,000 spa (1/8)

Try these slim-down secrets from a proven (and expensive) weight-loss program

weight loss retreat

A weight-loss retreat

Tucked in the majestic Selkirk Mountains, B.C.’s Mountain Trek has all the trappings of a luxury wellness retreat. At the rustic lodge overlooking Kootenay Lake, guests dine on organic cuisine, detox in saunas and enjoy three weekly massages at the only hiking spa in North America.

But this is no ordinary pamper-fest—it’s a proven weight-loss program. Mountain Trek promises a week of delicious food, invigorating exercise and fast weight loss: most women drop four to six pounds a week, and men shed eight to 10.

Thanks to classes in sleep, diet, exercise and stress, guests learn simple formulas to take their newfound vitality home. “We want people to walk out having fallen back in love with their body,” says program director Kirkland Shave. Here are Mountain Trek’s best weight-loss tips.

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