The truth about why your diet isn’t working (1/6)

You stick to your diet, so why isn't the weight coming off? Here are 6 reasons you can't seem to shed the pounds

weight loss diet

You’re reaching for an unattainable goal

Like it or not, we can’t all be runway-model thin—whether you’re shaped like Naomi Campbell or Oprah Winfrey (both gorgeous women, by the way) is largely determined by your genetics. “If I take two people who have different genes and I put them in a controlled room and feed them the exact same amount of calories, one can gain weight and the other could maintain his weight. That is genetic,” says Dr. Arya Sharma, chair for Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy

Bike helmet study’s message for adults

As I walk to work along Toronto’s traffic-congested Bloor street I’m surprised by how often I see adult cyclists—who I presume are intelligent people also on their way to work—without helmets. But a new study by Dr. Patricia Parkin and her colleagues at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) should make these folks think twice […]


Event: Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival at Mont-Tremblant

Yogis rejoice! Wanderlust Festival has finally made its way to Canada’s east coast. With roots in California’s Squaw Valley, this music and yoga festival has outposts in Austin, Colorado, Vermont, Oahu, Whistler and Chile. And now we can add Quebec to that list, too! When we got the opportunity to attend the first-ever Wanderlust Festival […]


News: Online drug information less reliable in Canada than in U.S.

I admit that the first thing I do when a doctor prescribes me a new medication is turn to Google. And I’m certainly not alone in this: According to a survey conducted by a joint research team from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, 86 percent of people say they use the […]


Half marathon = check!

  It’s been a long journey but it’s done now’I ran the half marathon at Nike Women’s in San Francisco on Sunday at exactly my goal time: 2 hours and 30 seconds. It was a great race, I had a blast and felt wonderful afterward. And it didn’t hurt that I also got to spend […]