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Cantaloupes grow in Ontario’who knew?

When you’re biting into the juicy flesh of a summer ripened cantaloupe, have you ever stopped to wonder where it came from? I mean before you grabbed it off the grocery-store shelf. To be honest, I always assumed that the melons arrived at my local supermarket on a truck from California or some other eternally […]

9 new rules for sunscreen

The arrival of summer signals a renewed effort to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, but are you aware of the latest rules for its use? Here are 9 new tips for protecting your skin from sun damage and potential cancers

Department stores go younger and edgier

Apparently you can never escape the fashion standard. Or should we call it the double-standard?I’ve always been told that fashion comes around every 20 years, and I have to say with some relief that the 80s are back. I, for one, am tired of seeing more thongs sticking out of jeans than there are drivers […]