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The best running gear for fall

Stay on track with your running goals by rewarding yourself with stylish accessories perfect for autumn runs

Cherry and Almond Strudel

Strudel, Austria’s famous melt-in-the-mouth pastry, looks very impressive but is surprisingly easy to make. In this cherry and almond strudel, ground almonds and breadcrumbs absorb the juice from the cherries, so the layers of filo pastry bake wonderfully light and crisp.

Influenza (Flu)

We’ve known about the flu forever: Hippocrates first described this illness in 412 B.C. Only recently has science finally started to unlock the mysteries of influenza and develop medications that can get us back on our feet faster.

Sleep eating: Could a strange disorder be sabotaging your sleep?

More than just a midnight snack, sleep eating is a condition that could be putting your health at risk and robbing you of restful sleep. Here’s what you need to know about this strange disorder

Holiday Gift Guide: This Year, Get Your Kids a Phone They’ll Love

Tweens and teens are notoriously picky, especially when it comes to gifts. This holiday season, why not get them something they really want? Kids love to be connected and entertained, which is why a phone makes for a perfect present. But with all the options available out there, how do you choose? The new Alcatel […]