7 tips to avoid weight gain while travelling (1/7)

Easy ways to prevent yourself from coming home with extra pounds

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Take advantage of the setting

A beautiful beach destination isn’t just good for photo opts, it can also be a great setting to scorch some calories. “Jogging on the beach works your muscles harder than jogging in the city,” says Brendan J. Fox, a Toronto Health and Fitness Expert.. Plus, the sand cushions the impact, meaning your body will experience less repetitive stress. Post-run you can hit the water to cool off with some swimming. If the ocean looks more appealing than the pool, Fox recommends swimming lengthwise along the shoreline, rather than straight out to stay safe. “If all else fails, put down your beach bar drink and have a splash fight!,” he says.

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Fish Stock

Fish trimmings ‘ the head, skin and bones ‘ from any white fish with a good flavour can be used. (Oily fish are not suitable for making stock as they give it a strong, fatty flavour.)