8 reasons you can’t sleep at night (1/9)

A proper night's sleep is crucial to our health. Find out if one of these eight culprits is to blame for your sleeplessness

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Canadians are exhausted

Canadians are exhausted—one in three of us suffers from sleeplessness and one in 10 experiences chronic insomnia. The causes are multifold, says Judith Davidson, a sleep researcher and clinical psychologist at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. “Insomnia can be due to a loss, relationship stress, high stress at work, illness, or pain; the cause may also involve racing thoughts and worries, including worries about the effects of not sleeping.” Our overreliance on technology may also be keeping us awake: exposure to the artificial light of televisions, computers and phones before bed enhances alertness and suppresses the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. Heightened emotions and menstrual cycles are also factors, which might explain why women are twice as likely to report insomnia than are men.

Keep reading to find out if one of these eight factors are the reason you’re not getting enough rest.

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