6 ways to sleep better during the holidays (1/7)

Give yourself a healthy gift this season: A good night's rest so you can enjoy the festivities

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Tips for seasonal slumber

Between parties, shopping for gifts and family get-togethers, the holidays can leave you stretched for time and sleep. But making sure you get your forty winks is important to starting off the New Year on the right foot: getting enough sleep helps you keep your exercise routine on track and wards off weight-gain. Try these simple tips for getting quality shut-eye during the holiday season.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

This healthy, creamy, mildly spicy sweet potato soup can be served as a main course with toasted baguette slices or in smaller portions as a first course before an elegant dinner.


My Go-To Kale Salad

Kale is a nutritious green vegetable rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as calcium and iron. Massaging the kale before you toss it in a salad will help soften it’s texture.


Insomnia: A drug-free treatment that might actually help you sleep

As a longtime insomniac, I recognize that there is a shame associated with not being able to sleep. The message I so often receive from magazine articles, books and even healthcare professionals is that if I can’t drift off at the end of the day, well, I  must not be maintaining good sleep hygiene (read: […]

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