6 things that will help you sleep (1/6)

Everyone needs a little help now and then'especially when it comes to sleeping. These six things will help you relax and get a good night's rest

Cookies and milk

Cookies and milk

The tryptophan in milk will help you feel sleepy, but you need some carbs to get it where you want it to go in your brain, says Mary Susan Esther, M.D., and president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Cookies are her carb of choice. Just make sure to choose a low-fat variety and eat them in moderation.

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Chicken Fajitas with Tomato Salsa

Although in Mexico ‘fajitas’ refers to a specific cut of beef, the term has also come to describe a combination of sizzling chicken with pepper and onion, wrapped in a tortilla. Chicken fajitas with tomato salsa have very little fat, but lots of fresh flavours.

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