Secrets to a happy and healthy sex life (6/7)

Stuck in a sex rut? Break free with these tips to get the passion flowing again (and keep it going in the long term)

We-Vibe 3 vibrator

Get comfortable with change

“Our sex life does change over the years as we go through menopause, pregnancy, new jobs, living in different parts of the country” and other life changes, says Forbes-Robert. In other words, it’s normal for your body’s responses to stimulation – not to mention your mind’s – to be different now than they were a year ago, not to mention five or 10.

“It is important to break routine,” says sexologist Jessica O’Reilly – and that applies both inside and outside the bedroom. “Salsa dancing? Hiking? Spending quality time together trying something new encourages fun and intimacy.”

Try: The waterproof We-Vibe 3 vibrator, which can be worn during intercourse to stimulate both partners – and comes with a man-friendly remote control.

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