Get better sex with a natural lubricant

Looking for a natural product? Here are two to try

Get better sex with a natural lubricant

Source: Best Health magazine, October 2014

Blossom Organics Moisturizing Lubricant If you’re prone to irritation down there, and you want an all-organic lubricant, try this aloe-based one from California. It has vitamin E and peony root extract, and has no parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes or petrochemicals. It’s condom-compatible. ($13, 120 mL,

Mae by Damiva
This lubricant is made in Canada from six natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, sea buckthorn extract and vitamin E. Created for menopausal women, it is an ovule you insert vaginally; each lasts two to three days. ($30, 10 ovules,

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