7 reasons why sex is good for you (1/7)

Research from around the world encourages us to embrace sex with gusto. Here's why it's so healthy

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1. It helps you breathe easier

Sex is reputedly a natural antihistamine, helping to combat hay fever and asthma symptoms.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


The benefits of daydreaming

Our story Dream On’,in the summer issue of Best Health, explained why daydreaming is actually good for us. Here are more reasons why letting your mind drift can help you be healthier

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Top 10 causes of bad breath

Bad breath is embarrassing, unpleasant and all too common, but do you really know what’s causing your bad breath?


News: American Heart Association admits exercise is boring

On the list of products bearing the iconic American Heart Association logo, video games may not immediately spring to mind. But all that is about to change, thanks to a new partnership between the AHA and Nintendo America.As part of their partnership, Nintendo games’such as Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort’will bear the AHA’s […]


Top health and fitness trends for 2014

Kick off 2014 with the biggest trends in exercise and health. Canada’s largest fitness company, GoodLife Fitness asked 11 of North America’s most celebrated wellness experts to predict their top trends for the new year