Smartphone giving you back pain? There’s now an app for that


    An app designed to help you deal with the back and neck pain that’s associated with technology may seem counterintuitive but hear me out. Straighten Up Canada is a free app designed by the Canadian Chiropractor Association as well as provincial chiropractor associations to help Canadians who suffer from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. More […]

The courage of Chris and Tanya


Dad was in for a heart transplant while Mom was in the same hospital giving birth to twins’who were born unburdened by their dad’s heart condition thanks to a cutting-edge medical test. Here’s their story

News: What’s the No. 1 killer in Canada?


  It’s official. Cancer is now the leading killer in Canada. StatsCan just announced the results of a 2008 study, which shows cancer accounting for 30 percent of all deaths. Heart disease is the second largest killer, causing 21 percent of Canadian fatalities annually. Each and every one of us has been affected by the […]