8 natural alternatives to ease menopause symptoms (1/9)

Want to go the natural route to help treat your menopause symptoms? Here are some options that might work for you



Soy contains isoflavones — plant compounds that act like a weak form of oestrogen and may ease mild menopausal symptoms. They also appear to lower cholesterol and reduce bone loss. Aim to get 30–50 mg isoflavones from food daily. Different soy foods contain different amounts, so check the label. Roasted soya beans, tofu, and soy milk are three ways to eat soy.

Studies have yielded mixed results on whether or not soy works. The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. Scientists don’t know whether very high doses might increase the risk of breast cancer, just as oestrogen does. Isoflavone supplements are not recommended at this time.

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