6 ways to feel happier at work (1/6)

With all the time we spend at work, it pays to make sure you're as happy and productive as you can be in your job. Here are six simple ways to help make that happen

happy worker

Take control

Recognize that your happiness is your responsibility, and focus on the positives in your job. Organizational psychologist Ben Palmer says happy people take time for things that increase their feel-good factor. So build at least one activity you love into every workday, whether it’s using your lunch break to meet a friend, get out for a walk or read your book.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy

Savouring Stratford

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a preview held in Toronto for the upcoming Savour Stratford Culinary Festival. We were treated to delicious appetizers of pureed beets on crostini, eggplant and fresh goat cheese on a toasted baguette, prosciutto from St. Mary’s, Ont. and a variety of mouthwatering cheeses. We sampled wine from […]

Braised chicken with beans

This is a great way to cook good-value drumsticks, so that they are moist and tender. A simple barbecue sauce and a mixture of vegetables and beans makes a healthy dish children will love. Serve with a leafy side salad.