September health Q&A (1/6)

Is antibacterial soap worth it, are generic drugs equal to the original and will eating at night make you fat? Get answers to these questions and more


Is there a best time of day to exercise?

Though any time will do for walking, if you’re doing something more strenuous and want the best workout, choose late afternoon, when muscles are warm, reaction time is quick and strength is at its peak. You’ll push harder as a result—and burn more calories.

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The addition of eggs makes pizza appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These Sunny-Side-Up Egg Pita Pizzas are high in protein and offer plenty of veggies.

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Do you have a vision of what you want out of life? Do you have a passion that will drive you to where you need to be? A growing trend in women empowering women is sweeping the nation and there’s never been a better time to take part.With a multitude of women’s conferences, seminars and […]


Meatless Monday: Festive Breakfast Potatoes

The morning after he proposed in Tuscany, my fiance made the same brunch for me that he made the first time I stayed over at his place. The only difference? This time he used fresh green and red peppers from the farmhouse garden, which made it even more delicious (and unintentionally festive). All the green […]


7 ways to boost your sex life this weekend

In the current issue, there’s a long list of Editor’s Picks books that should help to improve your sex life. But I’ve compiled a few flirty tips from Tracey Cox’s Super Hot Sex Deck (DK Publishing), a box of 52 instructional cards, to inspire some ‘physical’ activity this weekend.1. ‘Kissing your partner for just 20 […]