6 health traps to avoid during the holidays (1/7)

Don't let the holidays wreak havoc on your health. Avoid these six health traps, and you'll enjoy a healthier season

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Hazards of the holidays

At this time of year, you may be more focused on festivities than your own health. But all those rich meals, fabulous parties and extra time off work could be interfering with your well-being.

“People are busy, and it’s easy for them to take shortcuts or get distracted, or they’ll dedicate more time to doing things for other people and not spend time on themselves,” points out Dr. Scott MacLean, a family physician in Edmonton. “They’re also spending time with their family, and they want to enjoy it and not worry about things.”

But there are ways to enjoy the festive season and keep yourself in fine form. Here’s how to avoid getting snared by health traps during the holidays.

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