6 ‘bad habits’ that actually have health benefits (1/6)

Don't feel guilty the next time you miss a workout or accidentally let out a curse word. You'd be surprised at the health benefits associated with some of these so-called 'bad habits'

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1. Skipping your daily workout

Personal trainers preach the importance of the occasional day off to give muscles the chance to rebuild and strengthen. In fact, for seniors, four workouts a week is more beneficial than six, according to a study published in Medical and Science in Sports and Exercise. The study randomly assigned women between the ages of 60 to 74 to two-, four- or six-day aerobic and weight-lifting schedules. After four months, there were no differences in fitness levels among the women—all increased muscle and decreased fat mass equally. However, those who exercised four times a week burned many more calories in their daily activities than the six and two-times-a-week women. In this case, those who worked out the most had little energy left over, while those who worked out four days a week were reinvigorated. Bottom line? If your workout schedule is leaving you drained and laid out on the couch for the rest of the day, it’s time to cut back.

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