5 herbs that help you detox naturally

There are several herbs that can aid the detox process. Here are the top five

5 herbs that help you detox naturally

Source: Best Health magazine, March/April 2015

Milk thistle helps protect the healthy cells in the liver from free radical damage or inflammation caused by toxins. It also stimulates the regeneration of new healthy cells and aids the body in mopping up toxins. It helps to increase glutathione production, the body’s major antioxidant substrate. This herb has no adverse side effects, though it may loosen stools slightly as it increases bile flow.

Turmeric protects the liver from incoming toxins through its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has a particular affinity for the liver and is therefore used in most detoxification programs. Like milk thistle, it may soften stools. Turmeric has been shown to increase the production of bile by over 100 percent, making it a powerful aid to toxin excretion (phase two). Note: If there is any indication of bile duct obstruction, this herb should not be administered.

Dandelion is beneficial for both the kidneys and the liver. Although its mechanism is not thoroughly understood, dandelion has diuretic properties (to flush out toxins) with potassium-sparing effects, and helps protect against kidney stones. Contact dermatitis has been seen when the herb is used in fresh form rather than dried.

Burdock is high in fructo-oligo-saccharides or FOS, which will increase the beneficial bifidobacterium and eliminate the bacterial pathogens that can build up in the gut. In addition, burdock increases saliva and bile secretions to help break down, bind and excrete toxins from the body.

Fibre and bentonite clay are both used to help remove toxins and excess fats from within the bowel. During detoxification, toxin load on the bowel is increased considerably so, to ensure that they do not accumulate in the gut, fibres and/or binding clays can be used to help attract, mop up and eliminate the toxins directly.

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