10 things doctors secretly wish they could tell you (1/12)

Have you ever wondered what your doctor is really thinking during an appointment? Here are 10 things they want you to know'and how they can benefit your health


What your doctor is really thinking might shock you

A doctor’s time has always been a precious resource, so we need to make every minute count. But do we? To find out, Reader’s Digest interviewed doctors and compiled a list of their concerns. Then they comissioned a nationwide survey asking Canada’s doctors to give vent to their feelings and reveal what they’d really like to say to patients.


Here, we share the top 10 things your doctor wants you to know. Keep these tips in mind during your next appointment—your doctor will thank you!

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


News: Radiation treatment nearly halves breast cancer recurrence, study

It’s great to hear about new advances in breast cancer prevention and treatment, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as it shows that our efforts are making a difference. And now, new research published in the medical journal, The Lancet, suggests women who are diagnosed with early stage breast cancer won’t necessarily have to lose […]


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Roasted turkey

Brined, Roasted Holiday Turkey

Heirloom turkeys are becoming more popular these days. Last year, Chef Bruce served his family a Bourbon Red. It has a richer meat than do the traditional varieties.