What to Know Before Your Next Bra Shopping Trip

We spoke to John Izzo, vice-president of design and product development at La Vie en Rose, to get the goods on bra shopping

What to Know Before Your Next Bra Shopping TripPhoto by Shutterstock.com

Source: Best Health magazine, January/February 2016

Is it true that most women wear the wrong bra?

Yes. According to the hype, 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bras, mostly due to weight loss or gain, birth control pill use, postpartum changes or menopause.

What are the telltale signs of an ill-fitting bra?

‘ Shoulder straps that fall down or dig in
‘ A back band that rides up or slides down
‘ Baggy cups that gape or look wrinkly
‘ An underwire that isn’t flush with the rib cage
‘ Spillage at the top of the cups or at the underarms
‘ Overall discomfort

How do I ensure the best fit for ‘the girls’?

When trying on a bra, ask the fitting expert to take a look. She knows what to look for and can help you find a better model. If you’re too shy to ask for help, take a few minutes to look at the bra from all angles: Raise your arms, jump a bit and lean forward and, through all of this, make sure the bra and your breasts stay in place.

How many bras should I have in my wardrobe?

It’s wise to rotate your bras and wear the same bra every second day so that it has time to ‘relax’ between wears. A minimum of two bras does the trick, but it’s also good to have a variety of bras for different occasions.

Any wardrobe should ideally have:

‘ A T-shirt bra
‘ A sports bra
‘ A strapless, convertible bra for summer necklines
‘ A plunge bra
‘ A lacy, flirty bra for romantic occasions

What kind of TLC do bras need?

Handwashing is best, using cool water and delicate soap, but machine washing your bra in a laundry bag on the gentle cycle is okay, too. Avoid using a dryer and hang your bra to dry or dry flat.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What’s hot this year?

Traditional red or fuchsia pink is always great on Valentine’s Day, but these days anything goes. Our Valentine’s Day collection features sexy lace bras in bright neon pinks and reds. Browse the latest styles at lavieenrose.ca.

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