Train like an Olympic athlete

Olympic trainer Lucinda Jagger offers BH readers six moves to get you feeling (and looking) like an Olympic athlete

Jagger and Loo

An Olympic workout can work for you

Now is the time to make this your most victorious year for getting, and staying, in shape. To help you achieve your personal best, we asked Lucinda Jagger—a strength and conditioning coach who is based at the Can­adian Sport Centre Pacific in Whistler, B.C.—to design a head-to-toe Olympic-inspired workout you can do at home.

Jagger created our program with exercises she uses to get Olympic snowboarder Alexa Loo, 37, in top form—yes, that’s Loo demonstrating the moves.

Try these six muscle-strengthening exercises, and resolve to make toning for health and beauty part of your lifestyle.

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