The 10 sexiest workouts

Doing the same workout routine over and over is not only boring, but ineffective. Why not try a sexy fitness class? You’ll have fun and get in touch with your sensual side—all while getting an intense workout
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1. Pole dancing - The 10 sexiest workouts

1. Pole dancing

No longer just for the nightclub or bedroom, pole dancing has become a mainstream fitness trend. And for good reason. Pole dancing offers a complete body workout that includes strength training, fat burning and stretching. “It’s an amazing upper-body workout and then when you try to balance your weight with pole spins—that’s what works your core so well,” says Krista Knee, co-founder of Flirty Girl Fitness.

Intimidated about getting on the pole? Don’t be. Knee encourages women to try something that’s out of their comfort zone. She says she can see the change in women as they start to become more comfortable with their bodies. “The very first time on the pole, they’re feeling anxious, a little bit nervous, they’re giggling and they’re not sure if they’re feeling sexy,” she says. “But then as they come back more and more and learn some tricks and some spins, they see themselves in the mirror and start to realize ‘wow, I look pretty sexy.’”

You can find classes at both specialized fitness studios like Flirty Girl Fitness, and mainstream gyms. No experience is necessary and most facilities offer classes for every level.

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