The Best Bath Bombs for Post-Workout Soreness (1/3)

Think of these bath bombs as a reward for working out. Thanks to Epsom salts each one will soothe sore muscles


If your post-workout legs can only carry you so far, make sure that it’s to the tub. Nothing soothes sore muscles quite like a warm bath with Epsom salts. When combined with other ingredients, such as French green clay and eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils, these bath soaks also detox and relax.

Bonus: All three of these bath bombs are made in Canada and formulated with natural ingredients!

Consonant Skincare Bath Bomb Muscle Relief

Epsom salts relax tired muscles, while arnica oil relieves muscle cramps, pain and stiffness. French green clay has a detoxifying effect. Consonant Skincare Bath Bomb Muscle Relief, $9

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