Quiz: What’s your fitness personality? (1/12)

Finding exercises that fit your lifestyle may be the key to sticking with them. Take our quiz and then find the activities that best suit you

fitness personality

Match exercise to your personality type

If following your current workout routine feels like you’re just going through the motions, or if you have trouble getting—or staying—motivated, you may not be doing the right exercise for your personality. The trick is to find the type of activity that suits you, so you’re more apt to stick with it. “It’s definitely important to match exercise to your personality type, because if people are doing something they don’t enjoy, it won’t be sustainable and there won’t be a lifelong change,” says certified personal trainer Mark Stables, owner of the Benchmark Group, a Toronto-based wellness coaching company.

Take this quiz to find out the type of exercise that best suits your lifestyle.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


Red cabbage, Edam and walnut salad

This crunchy, colourful winter salad provides an excellent nutritional mix. The vegetables and apple are rich in vitamin C and fibre, Edam cheese adds protein and calcium, and walnuts contain essential fatty acids. Serve with oatcakes.


News: Canada cuts funding to anti-tobacco programs

The Canadian government announced Tuesday it would cut $15 million from federally-funded tobacco control programs.According to a press release issued by Health Canada, smoking rates are at an all-time low in Canada, at 17 percent of the population. But tobacco still kills 37,000 Canadians every year and is the number one cause of preventable disease […]

Rewiring the brain

An innovative new therapy offers potential help for those with treatment-resistant depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), reports the CBC’s online health news. Scientists in several research centres are testing “brain pacemakers” that change the workings of the brains of those who are severely depressed. While still in the initial experimental stage for psychiatric illnesses, brain […]


Secrets to fighting pregnancy fatigue

Fatigue is common throughout pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. These tips for eating, sleeping and exercise can help you feel less tired and boost your energy while having a baby


Fitness: Are you participating in N+TC week?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know that this week I’m taking on the Nike+ Training Club challenge. The goal is to complete a workout from the N+TC app every day this week. I’m three days in and so far so good. You can join me by downloading the N+TC app (it’s free!) […]