Motivation tips from Canada’s fittest women (1/5)

Whether you're going for gold or trying to stick to a gym routine, a little pep talk never hurts. We talked to some of Canada's top athletes for advice on staying motivated

kaylyn kyle

Athlete: Kaylyn Kyle

Sport: Soccer
Top tip: Set realistic goals

A member of Canada’s women’s national soccer team and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, midfielder Kaylyn Kyle says that stepping onto the field is “kind of like a drug—it’s intense, it’s exciting. Playing games and showing the world what I have to offer is a huge honour.”

To boost your fitness level, Kyle says it’s important to set goals: “Don’t set them too high, because it’s disheartening if you don’t make them. Set short-term goals, and once you achieve them, you can set new ones.”

If you do experience a setback, accept it and move on. Kyle offers a personal experience: “We went to the World Cup this year and lost all of our games. Obviously it’s disappointing, but that’s what makes you a better person and player—you take those opportunities and learn and grow from them. It’s a live-and-learn process.”

Photo courtesy Chris Coulter

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