7 unusual ways to improve your fitness (1/7)

Want to get a better workout? These surprising fitness tips can help

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Go barefoot

If you refuse to wear shoes in the summer, you may enjoy better blood circulation, a happier mood, stronger bones and better posture. According to Barefoot in Toronto, a group that promotes a barefoot lifestyle, barefoot walking increases skin health, reduces foot calluses, builds arch strength and enhances sensory stimulation. Going barefoot also creates healthier toenails and reduces foot odour.

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Secrets to Staying Healthy & Happy


News: Just one unhealthy meal can damage your arteries

If you regularly take breaks from your healthy diet and allow for ‘cheat days,’ a new study might make you reconsider.The study, from researchers at the University of Montreal, shows that just one junk food meal can clog arteries and decrease blood flow.Study participants were fed two meals, two weeks apart: One full of unhealthy […]

Boy with ice-cream cone

News: Would you try ice cream made from human breast milk?

Do you fancy some human breast milk ice cream? Londoners who were waiting to try this stange dessert won’t be able to satisfy that particular craving, at least for now.On Monday, government officials from Westminster City in London, England confiscated what little remained of Baby Gaga, an ice cream made of human breast milk available […]


Fashion Finds: Colourful fitness wear

As Best Health’s resident fashion junky, I’ve discovered that the most effective workout motivator for me is new fitness wear. I used to use my lack of cute workout clothes as an excuse for why I didn’t work out regularly. (The idea of sweating it out in an old, oversized cotton tee and ugly, clunky […]