4 moves for a stronger core

Do this routine three to six times a week for a stronger core to keep you stable through life

1. Dumbbell Woodchop

1. Dumbbell Woodchop

Routine: Supersets work best for a busy schedule. Start with the first move then immediately go on to the next with no rest in between. Rest for 45-60 seconds and repeat the combo. Do each combo for 2-3 sets.

What you will need:  A dumbbell (5 to 10 pounds) and a ball

Dumbbell Woodchop
Hold the dumbbell with both hands and straight arms. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.

1. Slightly twist your torso toward the outer side of your right knee. Keep your chest up, arms straight and abdominals in.
2. Pull the weight up across your chest in a diagonal fashion with straight arms. Movement ends when the dumbbell reaches your left shoulder. Feel a stretch in your abdominals at this point.
3. Return to starting position by slowly lowering the weight in the same fashion. Do 10-12 repetitions each side for one set.

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