20 ways to burn 100 calories (2/7)

Making small changes in your daily life is all it takes to get back on the road to health and fitness. Here are 20 everyday activities that will help you torch 100 calories'even if you're crunched for time

Walk whenever you can

The secret to burning calories while you walk is all in how you pace yourself. It will take longer to burn 100 calories walking at a slow pace than by walking briskly or climbing stairs. People who climb stairs regularly have greater leg strength than those who use elevators. And as a bonus, taking the stairs can actually be faster than waiting for the elevator.

To burn 100 calories:
1. Walk at a slow pace for 36 minutes. Do this on your lunch break, or have a “walking meeting” and accomplish two things at once.
2. Walk while pushing a stroller on fairly flat ground for 30 minutes.
3. Do some Nordic walking for 27 minutes—using poles while walking makes it a total body workout.
4. Use the stairs for 14 minutes.

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