Your days off don't have to be a marathon of chores and errands. Here are 10 ways to work more fun and fitness into your weekends

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Weekend warriors

If you were to believe some of the commercials on TV, you'd think that most of us spend our weekends cycling, rock climbing, playing games on the beach and generally being active. But a look at the shopping centre parking lot on a Saturday afternoon paints a different picture. The weekend has become a time of errands, shopping and finishing up the work we didn't get to during the week. For too many of us, our spirit of adventure is being satisfied by the thought of finding a great bargain. And for parents, any thrill-seeking is being fulfilled through our children, as we shuttle them to and from parties and classes, watching from the sidelines. It's time to reclaim your weekends—or at least, a good chunk of them. Here are suggestions for squeezing in some weekend activity.

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