10-Minute Tuneups: Mini boot-camp workout video

Anyone can find 10 minutes for fitness. These traditional boot-camp moves provide maximum benefit in minimal time

10-Minute Tuneups: Mini boot-camp workout video

We usually think of a fitness boot camp as a major time commitment. But you can get lots of cardio benefits with these traditional boot-camp exercises in just 10 minutes. Each move is high-intensity and involves several key muscle groups, meaning you burn more calories in less time. The workout also provides a shot of high-energy interval training to round out your aerobic workouts and help you build endurance and strength, as well as toning you up all over.

How it works:

Warm up: The first one-minute exercise segment will provide a brief warm-up to get your major muscles moving.
Gauge the intensity: Use a stopwatch, the timer on your phone, or a clock with a second hand to keep track of the time for each exercise. Your working muscles should feel ready to change to the next exercise by the end of each segment.
Cool down and stretch: You will do a less intense move, such as walking around the room, then stretch the major muscle groups you’ve just worked.

Erin Phelan is a fitness trainer and mom of two. She’s a regular contributor to Best Health.

About our 10-minute Tuneups

Ideally, we should be getting 30 minutes of fitness a day. But when time is tight, doing 10-Minute Tuneups whenever you can fit them in still makes a difference. Have fun!

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