Superfoods you should eat for more energy

Beat the 3 p.m. (or anytime) slump with these expert tricks to eat for more energy

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Increase energy levels

We’ve all been there: You could swear you’d had a good night’s sleep, when suddenly, in the middle of a meeting, you can barely keep your eyes open. The reason? It might have to do with what you’re eating, says nutritionist Julie Daniluk, author of Meals That Heal Inflammation. So what can we do to make sure the foods we’re eating will help our energy levels rather than depleting them?

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Butternut Squash Gratin

Hiding inside a butternut squash’s skin is dense, mildly sweet orange flesh that’s an excellent source of disease-battling beta carotene. Butternut squash gratin is a tasty way to enjoy this healthy vegetable. A big butternut can be a bit tricky to cut up; you’ll do best with a large, sturdy chef’s knife.


Double Chocolate Cake

It’s relatively easy to sneak some calorie-reducing ingredients like applesauce, Greek yogurt and egg whites into a gooey chocolate cake. Note that the icing must be prepared in advance so the layers don’t slide off each other.


Aromatherapy beauty products

In the October issue of Best Health, Liz Bruckner wrote about the benefits of aromatherapy, and how it can soothe, uplift and even heal. But did you know that many popular beauty products use beneficial scents and essential oils? Here are some of my favourites.• Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion (pictured)This is a longtime […]