5 energizing foods to fuel your workout

Get the most out of your workout with these expert tips for maximizing athletic performance

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Make nutrition a priority

Each spring, aspiring athletes seek figure-flattering workout wear to cover winter-weary bodies. Athletic gear is purchased and primed. Tires are pumped, wheels trued and iPods loaded with favourite tunes. Often overlooked is the major ingredient in any training regimen-a balanced nutrition plan. World Masters Champion cross-country skier Sheila Kealey recommends making proper eating a priority. “If you are going out for a bike ride you pump up your tires and put on your helmet. I think bringing something to eat and drink is just as important as getting ready to go out for your ride,” says Kealey, a research associate in nutritional epidemiology with the University of California.

Keep reading to find what can you do to fuel your fitness, and to check out the five energizing foods Kealey recommends.  >

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