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The Okarito

This alcoholic cocktail balances the tart flavour of kiwifruit, lime and rhubarb with the sweetness of apple juice and a vanilla simple syrup.

Fitness: Wake up with a morning Zumba class

I started my day today with a morning Zumba class at Bayview Village. The fun and energizing class is run by the women’s active wear brand, Lolë (pictured above), twice a week at the Bayview Village shops location. You can find more meet ups hosted by Lolë all across Canada by visiting their website.While the […]

Soccer Stories: The difference between men and women on sports teams

 I’m not one to follow the whole “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” idea. Some guys are sensitive and some women are hard-edged, just as some men don’t show their emotions and some women can’t conceal how they feel. But when it comes to adult recreational sports, there is a true separation in […]