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how fit am I fitness test, woman looking tired

The “How Fit Am I?” Fit Test

How fit are you? How do you rank? How can you determine your progress? Right here with the Best Health “How Fit Am I?” Fit Test.

Diet books, reviewed: The Best Life Diet

We asked the experts to evaluate’and enhance’four popular diets. Here’s our assessment of diet book The Best Life Diet

3 green dish soaps that work

We tried three "green" dish detergents on dirty dishes left out for hours. Here’s what we found

Contest: Tell us your favourite sibling story

Growing up, my sister and I fought like puppies’especially on family road trips. She’d punch me in the face (unprovoked, I maintain!) from her perch in her baby car seat and I’d retaliate by pinching her chubby little legs. Then we’d both scream bloody murder until Mom intervened. Those were fun times. However, the trips […]

Turkey leftovers, turkey sandwich

The Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

This sandwich is the tastiest way to use those turkey leftovers!