Canada’s best cold and flu remedies

Trying to kick a cold? Feeling fluish? Our readers share their go-to home remedies to cure what ails you

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Try a cold-busting drink recipe

Not a fan of tea? Facebook user Brenda Farrell suggests this soothing substitute: “Honey in hot water, add freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink slowly—and often!”


Also on Facebook, Kamelia Rahmatzadeh suggests: “A hot organic honey, ginger, lemon, zinc, vitamin D (1000 IUs per serving), vitamin C, lemon balm, elderberry and echinacea drink. Is it ever delicious!”


Over on Twitter, @elliotte suggests a drink of ginger root in hot water with lemon, and @TheHealthyApple opts for ginger tea with orange slices for a healty vitamin boost.

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