7 unusual cold remedies

Can playing jazz boost immunity? Can cold, wet socks relieve congestion? Some swear by these methods. Next time you feel a cold coming on, ditch the over-the-counter meds and try these unusual remedies


6. Eat oysters

Oysters can do more than just kick-start your sex drive. Their high zinc content also makes them beneficial when you’re out with a cold. “Zinc is responsible for white blood cell function, which is associated with fighting viruses and bacteria,” says Dr. Dugoua. “Oysters are the best source of zinc, followed by beef shank and crab.”

Zinc is also important for the health of mucus membranes, our barrier between our internal and external environment, continues Dr. Solomonian. For vegetarians, she suggests eating whole grains, snacking on nuts like pumpkin seeds or taking a supplement. Sucking on a zinc lozenge can help too.

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