7 unusual cold remedies

Can playing jazz boost immunity? Can cold, wet socks relieve congestion? Some swear by these methods. Next time you feel a cold coming on, ditch the over-the-counter meds and try these unusual remedies

woman in socks

2. Put on a pair of cold wet socks

It may sound counterproductive, but according to Leslie Solomonian, ND and assistant professor at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, wearing cold wet socks to bed when coming down with a cold can mimic the effects of immune-enhancing hydrotherapy treatments.

Her recommendation: “Soak a pair of socks in cold water, put them on your feet and cover them with a pair of wool or thermal socks. Go to bed and keep your feet in a warm blanket.” According to Dr. Solomonian, cold socks stimulate the body to increase circulation to the feet, relieving congestion from the head, regulating immune response and aiding in the elimination of waste. By morning, socks are usually bone dry and feet wake up toasty and warm.

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