5 flu-fighting foods (1/6)

Don't underestimate the power of food to help keep you healthy'researchers are finding more and more edible solutions to everyday ailments. Read on for five common foods that will help you fend off the flu this season


1. Raw garlic

This pungent superfood is a powerful flu fighter. Garlic contains compounds called allion and allicin, which have direct antiviral effects, says Bryan Rade, a naturopathic doctor based in Halifax. “If you happen to come in contact with a flu virus, [garlic] can help destroy it before it becomes a full-blown flu in the body.”

To get the most out of garlic’s flu-fighting properties, it’s best to chew a raw clove every three or four hours. If you can’t bear the taste, try cutting cloves into pieces and swallowing them down like pills. Rade suggests mixing crushed garlic with honey, which is also reputed to have antiviral properties.

Still not in love with idea of eating raw garlic? Add a few extra cloves to a soup or stir-fry. “Even if [garlic] is cooked, [it] still has sulfur-containing compounds, which have anti-microbial activity as well,” says Rade.

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