5 healthy goals that will save you money (1/5)

Boost your health without spending your hard-earned cash. Here are some healthy goals that will save you money and get you fit

By Katharine Watts

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1. Get outside

The benefits of nature are plentiful. Even just living near a park or green space can boost your health. A recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology found that people who live in greener areas experience a mental health boost. But you don't need to move to a remote cabin in the woods to reap the benefits of nature – just head to your local park or trail for a daily walk or run.

How it saves you cash: Those automatic gym membership payments that come off your credit card? You can finally cancel them. Go to a yoga studio? You can get a drop-in pass instead of a monthly membership to save cash - and take your practice outdoors the rest of the time.

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