Your guide to obstacle racing (1/5)

Tired of your usual workouts? The competition, thrill and challenge of obstacle racing is sure to get you excited about exercise again

obstacle racing

The thrill of obstacle racing

If you want to start obstacle racing, you might need a motto.

“Do – don’t think!” was the one that got 29-year-old Alex Aidar through her first obstacle race this spring.

“That’s what it took to keep going at certain points,” the Torontonian says of the Tough Mudder experience she had with six friends – but all the pain was worth it in the end. “It’s been a month and I’m still stoked,” she says.

Obstacle racing has been gaining momentum for the past couple of years–especially among those who want to push their workouts to the next level. With runs like the Spartan series, War Hero, Tough Mudder and even The Zombie Race and Zombie Survivor (dodging the undead certainly counts as a hurdle) it’s never been easier to test your fitness and have a good time doing it.

If these challenges sound like a fitness obstacle you’re ready to tackle, here’s what you need to know before stepping–or plunging boldly–into the mud.

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