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October 31: Look more polished


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October 31: Look more polished

"Get your eyebrows professionally shaped," says Rhonda Rovan. Whether it's to clean up and define the arch in a heavy, bushy brow, or to bring a more flattering, softer-looking shape to thin and scraggly ones, an expert shaping can help you look more polished. Upkeep is easily done at home before the next pro visit is required.

Groomed brows give your face a frame and are one of the simplest tricks in any beauty expert's arsenal. They can even make you look younger (the opposite of brows that are too thin or pale). As for upkeep at home, the pros recommend keeping the area below the brow completely free of hair, and making sure not to go wild with the tweezers between appointments, especially in the area above the brows.

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