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October 10: Eat less meat


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October 10: Eat less meat

"Go meatless at least two days this week—or all week if you can!" recommends Sue Mah. Have a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich or hummus and veggie wrap for lunch, and try a vegetarian chili, lentils or tofu for supper. Meatless meals are good for the environment, plus you'll get more fibre and less saturated fat.

Not used to meatless meals? Start small by decreasing portion sizes of meat and increasing vegetables and meatless ingredients to compensate. Make a big salad topped with half the amount of chicken you'd usually use, for example, and toss in some sunflower seeds and beans for healthy plant-based protein and fat. And look for vegetarian-friendly cuisines when eating out, such as Indian or Chinese, and experiment with vegetarian dishes you may not have tried before.

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