7 essential skincare tips for men (5/8)

From shaving and acne, to moisturizing and sunscreen, we got the scoop on men's skincare

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Avoid aftershave and scented products

While more and more luxury men’s lines are appearing on cosmetic shelves, many contain dyes and scents that can aggravate men’s skin. “Fragrances are the big thing,” says Landells. “The term unscented alone, or fragrance-free, doesn’t mean it’s free of fragrance, ironically, because they can use what are called masking fragrances,” he says. “What you should look for is the term sensitive skin.” One of the biggest skincare offenders is aftershave, says Landells. “Aftershaves are more for the fragrance, they tend to sting, and they’re not good for people with sensitive skin at all. You’re better to apply a light, oil-free moisturizer while the skin is still damp.”

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