Yeast Infection


Most women will experience the itching and burning of a yeast infection, which is an overgrowth of the Candida albicans fungus that normally lives in the vagina. Anything that upsets the balance of vaginal organisms’taking antibiotics or steroid medications, pregnancy, a weakened immune system, fatigue or stress, or poor hygiene’can trigger a yeast infection.

Varicose Veins


You may think varicose veins are simply an unsightly fact of life that come with the onset of middle age. The happy news is that less-invasive, state-of-the-art techniques now reduce scarring and give you legs you’ll gladly show off again.

Urinary Tract Infection


If this is your first urinary tract infection (UTI), you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone: more than 10 percent of women suffer from a UTI at least once a year. Treatment may now be only a phone call away, and you could feel better in a single day.

Ulcers (Peptic)


Much of what we used to believe about peptic ulcers turns out to be wrong. In place of yesterday’s bland diets (including plenty of milk), antibiotics and acid-reducing drugs are now the first line of attack against this common digestive ailment.

Thyroid Disorders


Thyroid disorders affect the body’s metabolism. When hormones produced by the thyroid gland get out of whack, a range of problems’from sluggishness to sleeplessness’can result.

Substance Abuse


Drug misuse is the taking of drugs that can harm health, make it hard to function socially, or are simply illegal. Substance abuse can lead to physical or psychological dependency on the drug, and may be a sign of other behavioural problems.



Brief episodes of stress can raise our energy levels and improve performance. But high levels of stress on a regular basis can damage our physical and mental health and lead to life-threatening diseases.



Many promising new drugs, devices, and therapies are being developed to boost survival rates and improve the quality of life for those who experience a stroke.

Sleep Apnea


Nights are hardly restful if you have sleep apnea, a chronic and sometimes dangerous condition in which your breathing literally’and repeatedly’stops during sleep. A few lifestyle changes, and a simple machine, may be all you need to control it.

Skin Cancer


The skin is composed of many different types of cells’basal cells, squamous cells, melanocytes, others’that naturally grow and slough off over time. A diagnosis of skin cancer means some of these cells have become abnormal (or mutated) and are starting to reproduce out of control.



Good news, sinusitis sufferers! Easy-to-follow at-home treatments can produce welcome relief, and plenty of symptom-specific medications can really help.



Perhaps you thought that you were off the hook when your chicken pox cleared up way back when. But the very same virus can come back’with a vengeance’as shingles. Today, antiviral drugs and good home care can ease the pain and discomfort.

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Painful, tender joints can make even the simplest activities difficult for those with this inflammatory disease. Recently, pharmaceutical breakthroughs have revolutionized rheumatoid arthritis treatment, enabling many to again lead active and productive lives.



If you thought you’d never wear shorts again because of your blotchy, flaking skin, take heart. You will be glad to hear that treatment options for unsightly psoriasis have doubled in recent years.



Pregnancy is a time of joy, but it places great physical and emotional demands on a prospective mother. It can also be an anxious time ‘ especially as the due day draws near.