This Skin Cream is Enriched with Actual Meteorite

Who knew meteorite had anti-aging benefits for your skin!?


French beauty brand Filorga has a new black skin cream with some out-of-this-world ingredients. Seriously, we’re talking meteorite extract, made from actual meteorite fragments. Meteorites are reportedly rich in minerals to help fight wrinkles and premature aging.

This anti-aging night cream also includes hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and a brightening agent that targets the signs of aging (think: dullness and dark spots) while you sleep.

Slather it on skin before you hit the sack and wake up to a plumper, brighter complexion every morning – no space travel required. (Well, maybe just in your dreams.)

Filoga Skin-Absolute, $195 (50mL); available at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Murale and

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