The Best Foods for Shiny Hair and a Clear Complexion

Beauty starts with what you put in your body. Eat these foods for shiny hair, a clear complexion and strong nails

Healthy Hair, Complexion and NailsPhoto by

Healthy Hair, Complexion and Nails

When it comes to skincare products, we know that what goes into our favourite creams and serums matters. Antioxidant-rich and vitamin C-infused formulations mean brighter skin, as well as fewer lines and dry patches. But the key to a vibrant complexion may also lie in what you put in your body, say nutrition experts. “The health of our skin, hair and nails is closely linked to our diet: Antioxidants in foods, as well as vitamins, minerals, fluids and fats, affect the texture, appearance and health of all these things,” says registered dietitian Abby Langer.

Get a gorgeous complexion by adding a few more skin superfoods at mealtimes. Follow our expert-approved eating tips for healthy, radiant skin from head to toe.

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