6 tips for softer skin (1/8)

Whether you're in your 20s or your 60s, maintaining healthy skin can be a challenge. Here are six quick and easy tips to help you achieve healthier, softer skin


Softer skin at any age

Whether you’re twenty-five, or sixty-five, the quest to maintain healthy, soft skin can be a daily battle. While there is no guaranteed method to permanently turn back the clock, there are several simple ways to slow it down and retain moist, soft skin. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, a dermatologist at the Toronto Dermatology Centre, says that help is available for even the most serious of skin cases, thanks to advances in skin care and some healthy lifestyle know-how. “We can always help,” he says. “We can soften up anybody’s skin.” From the latest in facial moisturizers and skin-friendly foods, to new medical interventions, here are six tips to help achieve softer, more vibrant skin.

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